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  2. "Because it’s perfectly clear by now that you can’t scare politicians with the news that the world is ending. It’s going to require convincing them that something they really care about might disappear: their jobs."

  3. "Compassion, the only way back."


  5. "It is a truth insufficiently universally acknowledged that people have superpowers: those weird things we can just do. We call them knacks, or gifts, or being a “natural” at things, but really, they’re superpowers. Others can learn the skills in question, but there are things we’re each born with."
    — Superpowers (via azspot)

    (via azspot)


  6. treehugger:

    A single of these giant wind turbine blades produced by German manufactuer Siemens is almost as big as the wingspan of an Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner. At 75 meters (246 feet), this massive beast is destined for a prototype 6-megawatt turbine to be erected at Denmark’s Østerild test station. 

    (via Impressive Beast! World’s Longest Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Measures 246 Feet! : TreeHugger)


  7. thisbigcity:

    And it’s good news from Spain too, with 20.9% of electricity coming from wind. 

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  8. think-progress:

    In Australia, wind power is cheaper than fossil fuels, and solar is right behind. 


  9. nrdc:

    Each major wind farm in America creates 1,000+ jobs and adds millions of dollars to local communities.  Today, wind farms generate about 50,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy — the equivalent of the energy produced by 12 Hoover Dams.

    Read more in two recent NRDC reports:
    At Wind Speed: How the U.S. Wind Industry is Rapidly Growing Our Local Economies
    American Wind Farms: Breaking Down the Benefits from Planning to Production


  10. think-progress:

    Solar power’s massive price drop, in one graph.