1. desmogblog:

    Clean energy put 12,500 more Americans to work in the second quarter of 2014: http://bit.ly/1tIhfFa


  2. The C & O canal does this glorious thing when I get off work most days and the sun is laying low in the leaves, the water— however mucked by clumps of moss attached to discarded debris— glitters like a pool of mercury.


  3. This Film Narrated By Leo DiCaprio Presents A Clear Climate Change Solution: Price Carbon -

    " Ahead of the 2014 UN Climate Summit on Sept. 23, "Carbon" attempts to move the debate forward, exploring how governments worldwide are putting a price on carbon through carbon trading or carbon taxes. "Carbon" is the first film in Green World Rising, a four-part series narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio that focuses on climate change challenges and solutions."





  7. nrdc:

    If California can reach a 75% recycling rate by 2020 then that means 110,000 potential new jobs! Learn why better recycling is a green jobs creator. #FightPlasticTrash

    Take action against #PlasticTrash in our oceans and communities! Sign the petition and join NRDC in the fight for a healthy planet. 


  8. canadian-space-agency:

    Orbital sunrise, to brighten your weekend. 

    Credit: Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev aboard the ISS

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    Jack Hughes, Lake Saimaa for SHOP Magazine, 2013

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