1. Infinite Jest: doneZO

    my infinite summer is over and i am leaving the old me behind in between pages ripe with unharvested crop lines of highlighted favoirte prose. It’s technically bailey’s turn to find and lose herself in my copy.

    Also i need book recommendations. Where do i go after DFW? My brother wants me to start on a song of ice and fire, but truthfully and obviously/predictably i want to resist the ceaseless in-my-face media recommendations constantly (ie annoyingly) held by my brother’s tireless and teeming arms in my face. Although maybe perhaps a good ol’ fantasically complexly created fantasy world is just what i need after reading a dystopian yet humanzing romp through easily I.D.able themes interweaving the—previously unexamined yet always walked—addiction/entertainment lines. Maybe i need media that hits farther from home. Or media that hits lighter? On third thought maybe tolstoy…

    So? Recommendations, opinions, etc?

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